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Our Difference

INHOUSE Worldwide is a technology-agnostic, developer-driven digital agency with a team of extraordinary developers. This team has dedicated its efforts to two exploding areas of technology development; servicing leading agencies and big-idea innovators throughout the country.

In short, we over-deliver. We just do.


The InHouse Team

From left to right: Brian Moore, Greg Marshall, Tharon Cottrell, and Kat Antonioli

Tharon Cottrell comes to INHOUSE Worldwide with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and agency expertise. With his new role as President, he is responsible for every function of the agency; business development, client strategy and direction, creative, production, research, digital, HR, finance and legal, Tharon has personally hand picked this team that he believes will lead his vision of providing innovative, cutting-edge web and mobile development.

Kat Antonioli brings over fifteen years of experience in project and client management to INHOUSE Worldwide. Her industry expertise includes advertising, event planning, association management and web development. Her role as Vice President encompasses overseeing the company to ensure successful relationships with our clients as well as managing the project management and development teams.

Greg Marshall our Director of Experience Development is building and guiding the next generation of experiences for the web, contributing ideas, leadership, and code that make the web more powerful in function and simpler in use. Regardless of the core technology, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, .Net; Greg has the ability to build to the technologies strength and deliver the best possible experience to the people using the solution every day.

Brian Moore our Director of Platform Development architects and implements the technical infrastructure of innovative solutions. Brian enjoys working directly with his team members, working out the finer details, and having constructive discussions to discover the best approach. Brian prides himself in his written code, creating simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.

Our Focus

Agency Support:

INHOUSE Worldwide provides support and delivery of robust, handcrafted, technology-driven innovations for leading agencies specializing in branding, advertising, public relations and communications. We work closely with our partners to bring their big ideas and unique creative concepts to life. We can also provide strategic support and recommendations to help create those big ideas that will respond to your client's most difficult business objectives.

Either working as a silent partner or as an extension of your team, we are not in business to steal your limelight. We want to innovate, solve problems, and most importantly, stengthen relationships with our partners. We are determined to be the go-to development support team that agencies can trust.

Product Development:

INHOUSE delivers contract product development for big-idea creators, helping them turn their vision into revenue-capturing products. Using our proven "green-light" process to fast-track the development of digital technology products, we collaborate to lead our client's innovaton from initial concept to deployment.

How we work with our partners

We can be your silent partner - your secret stays your secret. Or of course, we can jump in and play an active role with your client. We're your in-house team of proven developers dedicated to exceed in whatever role you determine for us.

We bring a leading agency's big idea to life in today's connected world... Digitally, socially, interactively, mobile-ly, globally - appropriately.

Our team truly feels in-house to our partners. The way we interact, proactively support and deliver our services to their team. We got our partner's back.

We begin by providing recommendations from the inception of the idea and designs to ensure the creative direction aligns with the technical requirements. We then provide strategic support to improve performance, functionality and overall user experience.


  • Project definition and planning
  • UX consulting
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Website and product development
  • Content management systems for open source and .NET frameworks
  • Mobile application development
  • e-Commerce development
  • Social networking sites
  • Social network integrations
  • Banner advertisements
  • Search engine optimizations
  • iPhone/iPad development
  • Facebook pages and games
  • Legacy application triage
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates

Contact Us

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Portsmouth NH 03801
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