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We're Different

We are a firm that offers custom development. We develop for the web, for mobile devices, and even custom applications. Need social media integration or search engine marketing? We do that too. We bring you a team of the dedicated developers with expertise from a variety of backgrounds. Thriving on challenges, we come up with customized solutions from the ideas and problems you bring us. We’re anti-cookie cutter and will even learn different platforms and technology to get you the best solution that you feel represents you.

In short, we over-deliver. We just do.


The InHouse Team

From left to right: Brian Moore, Greg Marshall, Tharon Cottrell, and Kat Antonioli

Tharon Cottrell Along with Kat Antonioli, founded INHOUSE Worldwide in the summer of 2013. He brings with him over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and agency expertise. Tharon has spent most of his life between the greater Boston area and Portsmouth, NH and enjoys both environments. With his role as President, Tharon has personally hand-picked the InHouse team, which continues to grow. He strongly believes this is the best group of talented individuals bringing innovative, cutting-edge web and mobile development knowledge. “This team is overflowing with talent with everyone here willing to go above and beyond for every one of our client’s projects. We would rather learn new technologies than place you in a molded solution that does not fit. That’s what excites me about us and what we do.”

Kat Antonioli Originally from Virginia, Kat brings over fifteen years of experience in project and client management to INHOUSE Worldwide. Considered outgoing while being able to connect with different personalities, on her off time she likes to see live shows. Her industry expertise includes advertising, event planning, association management, and web transition she enjoys staying on top of the latest trends and technologies as opposed to accepting the status quo. Kat loves what she does and who she works with at InHouse. “…We are the type of people who welcome a challenge and thrive when presented with a problem. This always involves dissecting each problem and often learning new platforms and technologies while bringing different perceptions.” “...What’s different with us at InHouse is we focus on long-term relationships with clients. We pride ourselves in maintaining a very collaborative environment. There are no silos here.”

Greg Marshall Greg is the Director of Experience Development. He grew up in Germany and also speaks German. He holds a longtime passion for flying planes. Meeting him, it’s easy to see that what he does excites him. … And that involves building and guiding the next generation of experiences for the web, and working in codes that make the web more powerful in function while being simpler to use. Regardless of the technology, Greg has the ability to build to the technologies strength and deliver the best possible experience to the people using the solution every day. Greg says, “I enjoy simplifying the big picture in order to find unique and simple solutions to complex problems. I enjoy coming up with customized content to do just what you are looking for, instead of trying to change what the client wants like so many agencies do. Trying new methods exhilerates me.”

Brian Moore Brian is a NH native and likes to rock climb and play ultimate frisbee when he is not working on InHouse projects. He is the Director of Platform Development, implementing the technical infrastructure of innovative solutions while seeing projects from start to completion. “I see myself as being able to simplify complex terms and problems to ones that are more easily digested for the client. I love giving each of our clients the confidence that each problem or idea they come to us with is possible. I was a mathematician at UNH, which has had me looking at each problem through logic and consequence to solve each as a logical puzzle and that excites me.”

Our Focus

Agency Support:

INHOUSE Worldwide provides support by working closely with our partners to bring your big ideas and unique creative concepts to life. We also provide strategic support to help create those big ideas that will respond to a client's most difficult business objectives.

Either working as a silent partner or as an extension of your team, we want to solve the problems you bring to us in innovative ways. We are determined to be the go-to development support team you can trust.

Product Development:

INHOUSE delivers contract product development for big-idea creators, helping turn your vision into revenue-capturing products. Fast-tracking the development of digital products, we collaborate to lead your innovation from initial concept to deployment.

How we work with our partners

We can be your silent partner - your secret stays your secret. Or of course, we can jump in and play an active role with your client. We're your in-house team of proven developers dedicated to go above and beyond in whatever role you determine for us.

We bring your big idea to life in today's connected world... Digitally, socially, and interactively.

Our team truly feels in-house to our partners. The way we interact, proactively supporting and delivering our services to their team. We got our partner's back.

We begin providing recommendations from the inception of the idea and designs to ensure the creative direction aligns with the technical requirements. We will provide strategic support to improve performance, functionality and overall user experience.


  • Website and Microsite Development
  • Android, iOS, and Windows Development
  • UX Consulting
  • Responsive Design
  • SQL Server
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Drupal Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • PHP/Python/Ruby/.NET
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • AJAX and RIA Development
  • Project Definition and Planning Support
  • eCommerce Development
  • LAMP Stack
  • Legacy Application Triage

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